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Stepper Motor (VID29 02)

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Features Specifications » Stepper Motor (VID29 02)

The VID29-02 stepper motor is a patented stepping motor design. The product is mainly used in dashboard instrumentation and digital indicator equipment to transfer a digital signal into an accurate angle display. The VID29-02 has a 4 gears design construction in order to guarantee high-efficiency, high-position accuracy and a robust gear system. The unique gear shape design reduces friction and noise. A special material is used for each component to increase liability and safety


Speed rotation: 600 degrees/second

Working temperature: -40 to 105 degrees Celsius

Current consumption: Less than 20mA, 5V, and 2 x 100mW

Robust construction: 30 x 7.6mm

Lifespan: Working up to 5, 000 hours

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