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Duomat Drive Motor (bed use)

  • Item No : DOD-79668
  • Place of orgin : China
  • Payment Term : L/C, T/T, Negotiable
  • Min. Order : Negotiable
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Features Specifications » Duomat Drive Motor (bed use)

Duomat drive motor,

Stroke: 87/69

Output voltage: 24VDC

Operating Mode: 10% ;intermittent duty 2/18min

Max.Push force:



Adjustment speed:up to 5.2/mm

Noise Decibel(db)   <=48db

USA, UK,Japan,Europe and Australia style power and plug

100voltage,120voltage,230voltage,240voltage, 50hz-60hz

and America,Japan,UK type plug.

Made in China

Origin: China
Packing: carton box
Min. Order: 100pcs/per item
Transportation: ship or air

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