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Level Meter (Field Intensity Meter)

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Features Specifications » Level Meter (Field Intensity Meter)


Frequency Range: 5-870MHz for LM870-WR, 46-870MHz for LM870-W

Level Range: 30-120dBuV

Level Accuracy: +/-1.5dBuV

Trunk-line AC voltage, V/A, C/N and TILT measurable

Automatic over-voltage shut-off protection

AC/DC optional (Ni-H/Li storage battery inside)

Full-digital key-board operation, direct freq. & channel input

Automatic scanning, Automatic channel-filtering, Automatic error-operation amending

All standard channels and subjoin channels pre-set inside

Level test error Correct

Channel edit function by manual or Automatically operation.

New channel-table setting according to user's special requirement

Spectrum displaying

English/Chinese operation interface

Audio output (speaker set-in)


About Level:

Frequency Range: 5-870MHz for LM870-WR

                46-870MHz for LM870-W

Resolution Bandwidth: 280KHz +/- 50KHz

Channels: All Channels

Level Range: 30dBuV - 120dBuV

Accuracy:   +/-1.5dBuV(under room temperature)

         +/-2.5dBuV(- l0 - +40 degree)

input impedance: 75 Ohm(BNC or F connector)

Wave detection: Peak value

About Auto scan testing:

Max  Channel Scan: 125 Channels  

Scan Range: All Channels within 46--870MHz    

Scan Speed: 30 Channels/Min

Memory Groups: 24 Groups(00--23) Each group store Max 100 Channels.

About Voltage:

Voltage Range: 0 -- 100VAC

Accuracy:   +/-1.5V

Resolution: 0.lV

C/N Level Range: 80dBuV - l05dBuV

Others Dimension:  214mm x 94mm X 47mm

Weight: 1.4 kg

Working Temperature: -l5 -- + 40 Degree

Display LCD: l28X64 Matrix Super big LCD with back light

About Power:

DC Supply: DC 7.2V/1.2Ah  rechargeable battery

AC Supply: AC 220V/50Hz+/-10%

Battery working hours: longer than 3.5 hours at continuous working mode

Recharging hours: 12 -- 14 hours.

About Accessories:

Battery Charger: charger 1pc

RF Input Port: F type 2pcs

Fuse: 2.5A(or 2A)  2pcs

User Manual: l copy

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