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Hiphone (F1)

  • Item No : HOD-208945
  • Place of orgin : China
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Features Specifications » Hiphone (F1)


1. No keypad, touch pen unneeded, and complete hand-touch.

2. The image of specified folder can be enlarged, reduced and moved by touching the screen with fingers.

3. The image on the screen will automatically rotate to the correct direction at time of phone rotation.

4. The time and date is set with the wheel by moving the finger up or down on the screen.

5. One-Key Return, at powering on, pressing the power On key on the phone at any time can return to the standby main menu screen.

6. On the Input screen, click the virtual keypad and candidate words to enlarge them.

7. When playing MP4, the image on the screen will automatically rotate to the correct direction at time of phone rotation.

8. When listening to MP3, swinging the phone from side to side can switch to the previous track and next track.

9. Full screen shortcuts setting, capturing, memo, calculator, alarm clock, and calendar.

10. Possess e-book, firewall, lunar calendar display, touching vibration, and automatic switching function.

11. Classic disc game, which will make your bar-life never be tedious.

12. Standby wallpaper replacing, contrast adjusting, setting time of backdrop light.

13. Standard scheme: 512MB TF, 2 batteries, charger, silica gel cover, earphone, USB cable, numeral book, guarantee card.

Function Module Instruction:

1. SIM Card Information Management: View the information of SIM card.

2. Call Register Management: Call register inquiry and delete, call cost inquiry, timing inquiry, etc.

3. Memo Management: Memo entering and inquiry, etc.

4. Message Management: SMS< MMS< voicemail, broadcast.

5. Multimedia Management: MP3, MP4, film playing, e-book, game, recording, phone call recording, Bluetooth, etc.

6. Camera Management: Capturing, video capturing, photo viewing, playing, etc.

7. File Management: Various file operations, such as delete, rename, view, etc.

8. WAP Management: Web address entering, web browsing, WAP setting, web address management, etc.

9. System Setting Management: Environment setting, input method setting, security setting, display setting and call setting for phone system.

10. Calculator: Simple adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing.

11. Calendar: View the date.

12. Dual-card Setting: Switch between two card.

13. Phonebook Management: Contract adding, deleting, coping, grouping, searching, browsing, etc.

14. Write Message: Quick edition and sending of message.

15. Dial: Phone number entering, dialing, IP dialing, etc.

16. MP3: Quick MP3 playing.

Have got the certificate of CE,RoHS,FCC.

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