Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis - Why is it Critical for SEO?

Discover why competitor analysis is critical for SEO and to leapfrog your competitors.
We help you to get reign search results with effective competitor analysis.

Don’t Let Competitors Hinder Your Financial Well-Being

Unless you are promoting bangles made from withered coffee cans, the chances are that other companies out there also offer similar products as yours. It is essential to establish an edge over your competitors is just the beginning of your sales and marketing funnel.

If you are not aware of the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors, there is no way you can leapfrog them. This is exactly where competitor analysis comes into picture. With the advent of new technologies and software, you can now know more about your competitors like never before.

How to Do a Competitive Analysis?

Competitor analysis begins by identifying at least your top 10 competitors. Next step is to compare and analyze all your competitors data with yours. Later, you can take a look at their SEO structure and other strategies they follow. Finally, you can see their social media integration and make the necessary amendments to your marketing strategies.

Competitor Analysis Services We Offer

At O Digital, competitor analysis involves collecting, collating and analyzing all your competitors’ data, including their products, services, strengths, weaknesses and practices they follow.

We will then assess your position against theirs and create campaigns to boost your marketing strategies. Our competitor analysis services will help you to identify and understand your target audience better.

Following are some of the prominent competitor services we offer:

Competitor Profiling

We screen and develop in-depth competitor profiles with all the details including their locations, backgrounds, products and services, marketing strategies, financial details along with other enterprise related elements to empower you with an exhaustive report./p>

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Competitor Benchmarking

Our professionals will help you to compare your best practices and performance with that of your competitors. We will then help you design better strategies and practices to boost your offerings and stay ahead of your competitors.

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SWOT Analysis

As the name suggests, we analyze the Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) to determine your actual position in the search results. Armed with essential information, our specialists will help you to make strategies to critical market related factors like competition.

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PESTEL Analysis

Our business intelligence specialists will analyze competition by evaluating political, economic, social, technological, legal, and environmental (PESTEL) factors of your competitors. This helps you to plan well for marketing your business better.

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Market Positioning

With detailed forecasts on distribution networks, product USPs and positioning of your competitors, we provide information related to marketing positioning that ultimately helps you to boost your sales. You can create your own enticing USPs and hold competitive edge over your competitors.

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Our 5-Step Competitor Analysis Process

When it comes to competitor analysis in marketing, we understand that it absolutely essential to grow your business in this competitive market. As every industry sector is now facing huge competition impacting margin and sales, we follow some critical steps to help you outperform your competitors.

    Step 1: Identify Current and Future Competitors

  • We will identify all the current and future competitors in your niche by analyzing your target products. Here, our professionals will identify how many branded and non-branded players are there in the market. Doing this will help you know all your direct and indirect competitors.
  • Step 2: Find Your Competitors Market Share

  • Once we identify your competitors, the next step is to find their market share. This helps you to know their strengths and weaknesses. So, if you plan to sell your products in a wider region, you should break it down into territories to know the wallet share in every territory.
  • Step 3: Conducting SWOT

  • We will work on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities of all your competitors. This lets you know where you stand currently in your niche and whom should you benchmark to get forward. We will then devise strategies that help you to prevent drop in your ranking.
  • Step 4: Create Competitors Portfolio

  • We will use the data from the above three steps and create a portfolio of your competitors, which will contain all their details - their tangible and intangible features, logistics, product details, etc. We will update this portfolio from time to time to keep you updated with the market changes if any.
  • Step 5: Plan, Execute & Follow-Up New Strategies

  • With the complete competitors’ portfolio, we will clearly define your line of action. When your competitors are way ahead of you, you can either try the same strategy as theirs or just follow a totally innovative one. Once the strategy is established, we will implement it and continuously monitor it.

Competitor Research Tools We Leverage

While carrying out competitor analysis, we leverage multiple competitor research tools to assure the best possible outcomes for you. Some of the prominent competitor research tools we use include, but are not limited, to the following.

    1. SEMRush

  • This versatile tool helps us to conduct competitor research and use the data for optimizing your campaigns. Using this tool we accomplish the competitor research, backlink analysis, keyword research and site audit.
  • 2. Ahrefs

  • We analyze competitors’ keywords - both paid and organic, traffic stats, backlinks, etc. using this tool. This shows us which pages on their website are getting maximum social shares, links and traffic based on ‘Top Pages’ report.
  • 3. SimilarWeb

  • Popularly used as a tool to estimate traffic, it comes with numerous cool features that empowers you to take a peek at what kind of strategies your competitors are following. You can then know which channels drive maximum traffic to them.
  • 4. Google Search Operators

  • This competitive audit tool helps you to find data that enables you to quickly yet effectively tweak your keywords. These are also symbols or query words that trigger special actions and deliver relevant search results.
  • 5. Keyword Competitor

  • This all-inclusive competitor analysis tool identifies keyword opportunities, which your competitors generally ignore. We will then integrate appropriate long tail keywords in your content to boost your search performance.

Partner With Us for Effective Competitive Research Services

At O Digital, we carry out highly effective competitive research services that help you make informed decisions. We will let you know who your competitors are and what they are up to.

Our comprehensive services give you a heads up about what exactly you are up against while launching something new or just creating campaigns to position your business better in the search results.

So, what’s holding you back? Just get in touch with us now to leapfrog your competitors.

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