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Best Practices & Strategies of Conversion Optimization

Discover why is it important to have a strong CRO strategy and what tools can be leveraged to optimize your conversion rates.

Measure Your Marketing Efforts with CRO

Whether you are trying to adjust your Pay Per Click (PPC) budget or the ROI on your SEO campaigns, what really matters when you take a look at the big picture is your conversion rate. In other words, conversion rates measure whether your marketing efforts are actually working or not. How many of your leads are getting converted into customers.

When you analyze all these, you will come to know which areas of your marketing campaign have to be improved or adjusted. Therefore, while it is important to focus on web traffic acquisition, it is equally critical to understand what percentage of these visitors add value to your ROI. CRO lets to cut down on customer acquisition costs by helping you to get higher value from your current visitors.

Best Practices to Increase Your Conversion Rate

Conversion rate optimization best practices help you to boost your results right from the beginning. This give you greater opportunity to grab and retain customers. Following are some of the CRO best practices that are worth exploring:

Identifying Potential Customers

You should first identify who fall in your sector and most importantly figure out who do not. This is because every marketing message you send out should reach the right target audience. It has to be so compelling and specific that your customers should not be able to refuse it.

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Survey Your Users

Request your users to fill up surveys and polls. Have brief questions and also fewer in number in order to get higher number of responses. Avoid boring and repetitive questions because you are basically seeking insights into the specific needs of your target customers.

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Gather and Analyze Data

Gather as much as user data as possible and analyze them for specific patterns. This gives you a detailed insights on what they are into and what tends to interest them. You can then use this information to boost your conversion rates.

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Perform A/B Testing

A/B testing is extremely important to identify the winning variant. Today there are several advanced tools that help you to forego much of the manual choosing process and quickly get the right combination.

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Check Your Visitors Journey Through Your Site

Mapping the journey of your visitors through your website can fetch you a lot of nuggets that you never expected. Understanding what they do empowers you to draft suitable strategies that work. For instance, you will know what blogs do they read quite often, how far they scroll down on a web page, etc.

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Tools Used for Website Conversion Optimization

Today, savvy marketers have moved way beyond merely website analytics data and are now focusing on inspiring their users to take the necessary action, with the inputs from digital marketing. Proper CRO makes your marketing highly compelling for your users.

Boosting your CRO is an ongoing process that needs testing and optimization. Following tools will make this process easier.

Readability Score Website

This website shows how complicated or easy your content is to be consumed by your audience. The tool basically provides insights on your web content.

CRO Analytics Tools

These include a host of tools like - Google tag Manager, Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, Hootjar, etc. These give you a detailed insight into the user behaviors.

Landing Page Or A/B Testing Tools

These tools provide you with actionable data that helps to create and optimize your website. This ultimately helps you to make high-performing experiences for your visitors.

CRO Research and Survey Tools

These tools can be added to your website to to request your visitors to take up some surveys and answer a few questions. This helps you to understand who your target audience are what they prefer.

What is the Cost for Conversion Rate Optimization?

While time and money are two critical factors for successful online business, CRO particularly requires both of these. This is because, apart from attracting visitors you should also find ways to sustain visits and push users down your sales funnel.

Having said that, there is no fixed budget that you would have to spend on CRO. It varies from business to business and with several other factors. Following are the kind of costs associated with CRO, as per a recent study:

  • 58% of the businesses spend over $10000 annually on one or the other type of web analytics products. Out of this, 27% spend somewhere from $50000 to $500000 and 6% spend over $500000
  • 44% of the businesses spend over $10000 annually on A/B testing products; 19% spend above $50000 on these tools annually
  • 59% of the businesses choose to spend higher on web analytics tools, while 67% will spend much higher among the bigger businesses
  • 48% of the businesses choose to invest more on A/B testing, 60% will spend more, among the bigger giants

Hope these stats provide you with a fair picture of conversion rate optimization pricing.

If you have made up your mind to focus on CRO marketing strategy, then you are at the right place. Just get in touch with us to know what would work out well for your business and marketing goals.

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