Facebook Marketing and Advertising

Discover how Facebook marketing and advertising can help to grow your business
by boosting your conversion rates.

Why Should You Use Facebook for Business Marketing?

Did you know that almost all the social media users are active on Facebook. This makes Facebook a huge priority for your overallonline marketing campaign. Facebook is a great promotional tool. Using it appropriately will help you to go a long way, while ignoring it might damage your marketing campaigns. Emerging as a brand across Facebook helps you to build a strong base of engaged audience.

Facebook ads are hyper targeted and are also inexpensive. These ads will quickly reach out to all your email subscribers, site visitors as well as to your customers’ demographics. Therefore, Facebook ads fuel your website with qualified leads followed by conversions. Besides, it empowers businesses like you to refine your target and reach out to specific consumer market. The best part is you do not have to break the bank to keep up with your marketing budget.

What Facebook Marketing Services Do We Offer?

Our Facebook marketing experts help you to build successful and long-term businesses using branding and story telling. We will help you to drive maximum business when compared to other traffic sources. Being one of the best Facebook advertising agency, some of the major Facebook marketing services we offer include, but are not limited, to the following:

Campaign Management

We will help you to enhance your business and make it more attractive using our professionally designed and managed Facebook campaigns. This will bring all the active audience to your service page.

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User Engagement

Business cannot be promoted if there is no user engagement. So, our experts will help you to widen your business horizon and help you to get engaged on a higher level with your target audience and customers.

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App Management

This service provides you with an opportunity to boost the awareness about your brand by engaging the followers of your business with the help of ads to your application - be it mobile or desktop.

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Local Traffic reach and Awareness

We will help you to manage the critical reputation of your business by helping you to effectively reach out to the customers using well-designed social page.

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Lead Generation Strategies

We create robust lead generation strategies for all the targeted service pages. This helps you to get qualified business leads using marketing automation.

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Know How to Promote your Business Through Facebook

There are several techniques through which Facebook can help you to promote your business. Facebook advertising services assist businesses of every size to completely transform their digital marketing strategies. Here is what Facebook marketing generally involves:

Enhancing the overall Facebook engagement on both the boosted as well as organic posts

  • Increasing quality referral traffic to your business website through Facebook
  • Develop a solid fan base of customers who keep returning
  • Collecting the data on the prospective and new customers
  • Using dynamic “buyer stage” marketing to drive conversions

Top Strategies for Facebook Marketing

One simple fact that you should know is - “you cannot maximize anything that you cannot measure”. So, successful Facebook marketing agencies focus hugely on the data to drive better results.

Some of the top strategies followed include:

  • Adding Facebook icons on the website to make the existing traffic click on it to directly land on the Facebook page
  • Using email signatures to showcase the Fan page URL
  • Creating and scheduling killer Facebook status updates
  • Integrating Facebook plugins on the website to boost your branding and increase your followers
  • Killer Facebook ads and engaging Facebook contests are also one of the major strategies that are widely leveraged
  • Using email marketing tools like AWeber and MailChimp to send out email blasts to let people know about the Facebook page of a business

How Much Would Facebook Marketing Cost You?

You can run Facebook ad campaigns on any budget. Simply put, when it comes to promoting your website on Facebook, some people end up spending more on their coffees in a day when compared to what they spend on their Facebook ad campaigns.

While the exact cost associated with this might vary from business to business and the marketing goals, the average cost per 1000 impressions will be somewhere between $1.80 to $3.80, as per March 2018. However, the best part is you can choose the services that suit your business goals.

Why Should You Partner with O Digital?

Being a dedicated Facebook advertising agency, we strongly believe in providing a range of result-oriented Facebook marketing services. Based on your marketing objectives, we will design custom Facebook advertising campaigns for you.

At O Digital, we will creatively present your business across Facebook, compelling all those who are scrolling their Facebook pages. Our team of passionate social media marketers leverages proven techniques that work.

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