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What is Google AdWords and How Does it Work?

Google AdWords is an advertising system by Google, where advertisers bid on specific keywords to make their clickable ads appear in the Google’s search results. So, your next question will obviously be ‘how to use Google AdWords’.

You can start by creating your Google AdWords account to begin advertising on Google. The position of your ad is based on the ad rank. The ad with highest rank gets the topmost position. The cost for every click is calculated by dividing the ad rank of the next highest ad by the Quality Score.

How Can Google AdWords Enhance Your PPC?

While the auction-based PPC model has transformed the advertising industry, this simple input-output model is highly sophisticated. Similarly AdWords has also undergone some changes over the past decade. These include audience behavior, bid adjustments and search intent to name a few.

The intersection of these emerging trends and Google has led to the evolution of paid search and other new ways to reach out to your target audience. Some of the major ways in which Google AdWords boosts your PPC include the following:

Smart Bidding

This feature of Google AdWords analyzes the relationship between different variables to boost the overall PPC performance through optimized AdWords auction. Here, the context surrounding the bids is analyzed along with specific factors that have led to particular outcomes. Based on the information from this analysis, it automatically bids at the right levels and precisely reaches the targets of your advertising campaign.

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Custom Intent Audiences

This is yet another great feature that boosts your PPC. Here you will get a custom automated list of the audience, which is based on their activity levels across all the Google’s marketing channels, including Universal Ad Campaigns and YouTube. This dramatically improves your prospecting and re-marketing.

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Optimized Ad Rotations

Ad rotations regularly tests multiple ad variations to identify the optimal version that precisely targets your campaign KPIs and your target audience. Once you are empowered with the optimized as variants, sky is the limit for you to make the most out of it.

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Click-to-Call to Target Mobile Users

This AdWords feature helps advertisers like you to specifically report on a particular activity, add call extensions and also schedule the appearances of these extensions. However, you will have to set this up manually in the AdWords.

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Demographic Targeting

Advertisers will be able to see a detailed account of different demographic options, which are nothing but the granular view of the specific set of the audience. For instance - what women of a specific age group look for. Therefore, you can now target specific users using this data.

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How Can Agencies Help You to Manage Google AdWords?

Have you been bouncing back and forth between the thoughts of hiring an agency or relying ion your in-house team to manage your AdWords Account? Well, that is common. While there are times when it makes sense for you to run your paid search in-house, the advantages of getting an agency to maintain your AdWords account are also clear.

Here are a few ways in which you can gain an edge by choosing an agency to manage tour AdWords account.

    Agencies will be well-versed with industry norms and benchmarks

  • Most of the industries come with great industry experience. So, they will be better aware of CPC ranges, probable conversion rates as well as offers that tend to convert. This saves a lot of your time and also reassures you that a fall in your account’s performance is also within the normal range, if not a red flag is quickly raised.
  • Get New Opportunities that Your Competitors Do Not Have

  • Agencies with dedicated Google rep tend to get a whole lot of benefits, which people who manage the accounts on their own do not get. This is because agencies serve as a source that help Google to grow their revenue. Therefore, you will get better opportunities that others cannot get when you partner with an agency.
  • Agencies have multi-discipline approach

  • Often your account might struggle without any particularly known reasons. This could be beyond the capacity of your in-house team to find and fix the issue. But that is not the case with an agency. Agencies will have specialists of every kind to address and resolve different issues. Besides, their multi-discipline approach makes it easy for them to helps you.
  • Two heads are always better that one

  • At times, you might feel that you have been there and done everything possible, yet your campaigns are just not performing. This could be because your in-house team could be sleep-walking through your account management. Not that we are blaming your staff, it is just a possibility. But agencies will have a dedicated team for your campaigns, which prevents such instances.
  • Employee turnover will no longer be an issue

  • Generally, you tend to freeze when your employee handling your account quits the job. But this will no longer be an issues when to turn to an agency. They offer great stability from this standpoint. Agencies will have backups with same level of expertise. This ultimately reduces the downtime and the likely loss.

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