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Get Fast and Measurable Results with Pay Per Click Ads

You do not need ‘just’ traffic to succeed online and boost your business. What you actually need is ‘relevant’ traffic. This is exactly where pay per ads can help. A good PPC campaign strategy will help you get quick and measurable results in terms of web traffic - within hours to be precise.

This is because pay per click services target the right audience and boost the ad performance. Basically, it is great for the search users, great for search engines and great for businesses too.

What is PPC and How Much Does PPC Cost?

PPC is an internet marketing model where the advertisers will pay a fee every time their ad(s) get clicked. Essentially, it is a technique of getting visit to your website, rather than earning it organically.

The costs associated with PPC varies from client to client and with the kind of results that you are planning to get. Some of the component that impact the pricing are:

  • Ad relevance and quality
  • Bid
  • Audience you target
  • Estimated action plans
  • Ad placement positions

Types of Pay Per Click Ads

Pay per click optimization is also referred to as Cost Per Click (CPC) band it is a popular advertising model for paid ads. PPC prices vary and pay per click ads can be broadly divided into two major categories.

    1. Display Ads

  • Advertising platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google AdWords, Twitter, etc. allow advertisers to run multiple display campaigns using banner ads. These banner ads will be presented to the right target audience across various social media platforms across the internet.
  • 2. Search Engine Ads

  • SEM or Search Engine ads is where advertisers pay search engines such as Bing, Google to display their ads, either at the top or below the search results. SEM works with SEO in tandem to get wider coverage across search engines. While it is difficult to organically get to the top of the search results, SEM makes it a lot more easier for smaller businesses to compete with giants.

Pay Per Click Services We Offer

PPC marketing firms and PPC advertising management services often provide multiple types of pay per click ads to fit the varying business requirements of their clients. We, at O Digital, are no different from this.

    1. Search Engine Marketing

  • Our PPC specialists will create and run campaigns on behalf of you across search engines such as Google. This helps you to get top quality traffic to your website from those who are aggressively looking for the kind of products and services you offer.
  • 2. Display Advertising

  • Here, we create ad banners for your business and also ensure that it is showcased to the right target audience. We also ensure lowest possible costs so that you receive higher volumes of traffic.
  • 3. Mobile Marketing

  • When it comes to certain apps and websites, we can arrange to display these ad banners only on the mobile devices. This can be particularly helpful for businesses having mobile specific products or services or the ones who are planning to market mobile apps.
  • 4. Video Ads

  • We create some of the most enticing PPC ads and advertising assets. Video ads always have an extremely profound effect, which ultimately creates effective brand recall.
  • 5. Shopping Ads

  • Shopping ads are predominantly used by e-commerce companies, apart from search engine optimization. These ads provide brand exposure to e-commerce companies, empowering them to compete with the bigger players in their market.
  • 6. Remarketing Ads

  • These ads target users who have visited your website previously, through other acquisition channels. This is critical for every brand planning to succeed online because well structured remarketing campaigns are known to push the users further down the marketing funnel.
  • 7. AdCopy Writing

  • We will optimize your PPC campaigns inside out, boost CTR and also assure better and measurable ROI. We do this with the help of well focused and extremely compelling ad copies we create coupled with completely optimized landing pages.
  • 8. Bid Optimization

  • Our specialists will achieve the goals of your campaigns through smarter keyword selection, continuous ad performance tracking as well as effective and timely optimization of the bids.
  • 9. Campaign Management and Expansion

  • It is important to scale the success of your campaigns to know whether you are going in the right direction. We do this by fine tuning strategies and streamlining processes. This enables us to manage, optimize and even expand your campaigns, if needed.
  • 10. Analysis and Reporting

  • We will gather all detailed insights of your campaign and come up with actionable advice to improve your campaign performance. Our in-depth analyses and comprehensive monthly report will aid us in coming up with the best possible tips for you.

Affordable and Result-Oriented Pay Per Click Services

If you want to make the most out of PPC campaigns without breaking your bank, then you are at the right place. While we totally commit ourselves to assure your success, our PPC rates are extremely reasonable.

Ready to embark on your PPC campaign? Just reach out to us now. Our professionals would be eager to help you jump start your PPC campaigns that are destined to work.

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