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What is SEM and Why is it Important?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the kind of online marketing that involves website promotion to boost your search visibility. When appropriately done, SEM can catapult your revenue and take your business to places. Leveraging strategic search marketing services will improve your business visibility online by boosting your search rankings, establishing you as an authority and enhancing your brand awareness.

With every passing year, the sophistication and complexity of the search engine marketing is also increasing. With several advertising assets, keywords, campaigns, location targeting, mobile search, audience segmentation, regular monitoring and automated bidding - you have quite a bit to keep track of. So, it takes enormous time and some serious experience to successfully run an impactful “Paid Search” campaign.

If you are still thinking what makes search engine marketing, paid marketing services and other search marketing services so important, then here are a few stats that are worth taking a look at:

  • 98% of the search users blindly choose the business that appears on the first page of the search results
  • 81% of the users and 77% of the B2B customers turn to search engines to know more about their purchases
  • 70% of the mobile users directly call the businesses from the Google

Why Hire a Professional SEM Firm?

Be it fast-growing start ups or moderate-to-well established businesses, effective search engine marketing requires the right blend of custom configurations and sophisticated strategies. Only then you will be able to maximize your returns on investments and drastically boost your digital performance.

Creating and implementing such a strategy requires time and precision, which only comes with experience. This is exactly where a professional SEM firm can come to your rescue. They will have the expertise that is needed to design a great search marketing strategy that works for your business.

Structured SEM programs are essential for successful search engine marketing and professionals offer this. Here are some of the prominent SEM practices that search marketers follow.

Killer Ad Content

Ad content is the foundation of any successful SEM strategy. Users across Google and other similar search engines are known to get quickly impressed with captivating witty ad content centered around critical themes and categories.

Therefore, these agencies very well know that there is no alternative to killer Pay Per Click (PPC) ad copies and hence they will help you create top-quality, optimized ad content that precisely targets your users and secures your position as an authority across major search engines.

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Proper Bid on PPC Ad Placement

PPC is a major form of paid SEM. In PPC, keyword strategy is used to bid on the placement of the PPC ads. Now these ads will be placed in the ‘sponsored link section’ of your search results. Google AdWords is the popular PPC advertising system and it shows up in the sponsored section of the Google search results.

The best search engine marketing company will determine this ad placement by your keyword bid amount, which multiplies your Quality Score by the highest CPC bid. Again your ‘Quality Score’ depends on relevance, CTR and landing page content.

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Relevant Keywords/Search Phrases

Randomly selected keywords, without proper analysis of competition and search volume will prevent potential leads from clicking on your ads. So, a professional digital advertising firm will help you to choose the right keywords used by your audience in the search in order to make your SEM campaigns work.

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Different Creatives for Desktop and Mobile Ads

Mobile is a dominant sub-channel for PPC. Therefore, a professional SEM agency will target these two different platforms specifically with customized approaches.

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Simple Yet Impactful Landing Pages

Professionals will help you to design and develop beautiful, clutter-free landing pages that present customers with clear call to action. Such pages make it easy and effortless for your customers to join your list, buy your product or, in short, make them do what you want them to do.

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Why Choose 'O Digital' for Paid Search Marketing?

At O Digital, we have been promptly identifying the efficiency, implementing the best practices and ultimately helping our clients to drive the business better. Following are a few aspects that make us stand apart from the rest.

Understand Your Business

We invest time to understand what your business is all about and who your audience are. Our professionals will then device a custom strategy that precisely aligns with your business requirements.

Impeccable Approach

Search engine solutions that we offer is a thoughtful blend of top tools and latest marketing options to help you achieve your business and profit goals.

Personalized Campaign Creation & Management

We strongly believe in personalized campaign management. We just do not follow a “one-size-fits-all” approach. We tailor our search marketing solutions to align it with your ROI goals.

Cost-Effective SEM Services

While we provide a blanket of SEM services, we have made sure that our pricing remain competitive. Our services are competitive and will ensure that you will be paying only for what you avail.

Different Search Marketing Services We Offer

Being a full-service search marketing services provider, we support a complete spectrum of SEM strategies and will also advice you on how well these strategies can be integrated with your business goals. Our search marketing solutions include the following:

Tailor-Made Search Engine Marketing Solution Just for You

At O Digital, we have the best resources along with a proven performance record. We offer a blanket of search marketing services, which will be specific to your requirements.

Looking for ways to get your business to the top of page one? We have got you covered at O Digital. Having successfully helped numerous small to medium sized businesses, we will surely make your online expansion a breeze!

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