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Did you know that blogs and social media sites reach out to 8 out of 10 of the internet users in the US? 71% of these users are likely to buy from a brand or a business that they follow on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

With several billions of users, social media is a potential market to target the users with great precision. At O Digital, we help you to secure the votes of confidence you need from your social media networks. Our granular targeting make your ads more relevant, thereby boosting your click through and conversion rates.

Make Every Click Count

With multiple social media platforms, social media marketing can be approached in several ways. At O Digital, we use the proven techniques and customize it as per your business needs to get the desired results.

Today, search engines like Bing and Google integrate tweets, comments, updates and profiles into their search results. That is how critical social interaction is. So, we have fine tuned our social media services to dynamically increase your exposure and spike the interest of the users in what you offer.

Our SMM Process

As the internet marketing is continuously evolving, we have also kept ourselves updated with all the latest developments. We design social media campaigns and implement techniques based on the latest updates.

We creatively design and effectively implement social media marketingtechniques for your business. In order to help all our clients achieve the best possible results, we have the following four-step social media marketing process in place.

Finding & Assessing Your Target Audience

It is critical to identify and assess your target audience before we design a suitable social media campaign to target them. So, we leverage advanced testing tools to thoroughly analyze your target and then come up with a strategy.

This will ensure effective bounce rate management, flexible plans, automatic email solutions, etc. Finding and assessing your target audience involves the following:

  • We will identify and understand where your target audience will spend their time
  • Then create engaging content that resonates around the interest of your audience
  • We will focus on Facebook because this is where maximum consumers spend their time online
  • We devise social media campaign strategies with easy-to-consume content to target the Smartphone users
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As social platforms are the new home to advertise products, create customer base and conduct business, we have well defined, tried and tested social media marketing strategies that are bound to drive results.

  • We create social media marketing plans for every channel
  • We will consistently post and send out tweets and posts on a regular basis to keep your audience engaged
  • We will be extremely picky about what we share and will share interactive content optimized with videos and images
  • We will regularly measure and analyze and also do A/B testing to ensure that only the best foot is put forward
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On-site Optimization

Learn about the client's business, website, and competitors in order to provide you clear documentation to be used throughout all other stages of the project.

  • Project brief: Define client information & business goals
  • Keyword research: Define potential target keywords.
  • SEO audit: Create current baseline for SEO.
  • Competitive analysis: Define SEO competitors.
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Campaign Execution

Our professionals will create and execute creative social media campaigns that help you accomplish your business goals. We will generally have a pre-defined “start” and “end” period. We will schedule your campaigns across different networks at one go.

Following is our basic strategy in a nutshell. However, we will redesign it as per your requirements:

  • Set up and manage your social media accounts across the top social media platforms
  • Target specific keywords and relevant topics for your brand
  • Create buzz across social media and increase branding and brand loyalty for your business
  • Regularly schedule updates at strategic intervals, including articles as well as news as they happen
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Analysis and Reporting

No matter how well the campaigns are designed and executed, it is important to monitor and analyze it from time to time. Only then you will be able to achieve the desired business goals.

We understand this very well. Also, we know how important it is to keep you updated about all the developments, so that we can quickly make any sort of suitable amendments to your campaigns, if the need arises.

Following is our analysis and reporting strategy:

  • Create and share social media campaign reports which contain all the details of your overall campaign performance
  • Monthly breakdown of all the tasks that we carried out along with hours spent on each to help you track your ROI
  • Our dedicated campaign managers will be available through phone and email for discussions and to address your queries
  • We also provide social media consulting for your team so that they can optimize your social campaigns better
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SMM Services We Offer

Based on the type of your business and the whereabouts of your target audience, we will begin a social media campaign for you. We will maintain complete transparency and will keep you updated about every small move. Following are some of the prominent social media marketing services that we offer:


We begin Facebook advertising with custom conversion strategies that are designed to drive sales leads and revenue. We use advanced targeting techniques based on relevant variables like interests, industry sectors, jobs, demographics, etc.


Twitter is essential to get the voice of your brand heard across the social media and push your brand ahead of your competitors. So, regular tweets will be scheduled, encourage engagement, grow your followers and monitor conversations.

Google Plus

Google+ plays a major role in SEO, where it helps marketers like you to boost the chances of showing up in the organic search results. We will post often and optimize it for the best possible results as well as connect with your audience using Google+ events.


We have specific marketing techniques for Instagram or can also integrate your Facebook marketing strategies with it for better results. Even for this we do in-depth audience research as well as competitive analysis to find the best point to begin the campaign in order to reach ahead of your competitors.


For this we explicitly focus on strategies which are designed to boost online orders or increase the lead pipeline. As the advertising platform of LinkedIn is highly sophisticated in terms of target defining, we target audience based on profession, title, company, industry, page associations, etc.


We will exploit the “visual discovery element” of the Pinterest and post timely, relevant and captivating ads in this platform. Our professionals will leverage this visually powerful platform to its fullest. We will organize your content, increase user engagement and promote your business.

Choose Our SMM Services to Boost Your Conversions

Backed with high integrity, we offer effective services that fetch you short-term as well as long-term results and gain your trust. Besides, everything will be run by you first. Once we mutually agree on all the strategies, you can approve our deliverables.

We will work seamlessly with you and the best part is you need not pay for the services on the whole. You will be paying only for the specific services that you avail. Also, we are open and available for quick and timely amendments that help your marketing efforts.

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