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O Digital is a top web services company that addresses website related issues and helps to create websites
that instantly attract users and boost conversion.

Make an Impression with Your Website

Have a vision? We have a team to get you there. Modern day web services have to be more involved than merely creating attractive websites. Aimed to grow your business multifold, when it comes to web services, we consider user experience, ease of use and various other technical details.

Focused on usability, responsive design and creative branding, our professionals design websites that are bound to perform in this highly competitive digital era. We create websites that add personality to your business and also provide custom programming suggestions.

Website is Your Marketing Material

While web design is not the sole component of your online visibility, it is important to focus on it as the users will have their interaction with your business through your website. So, we take your product idea and ship experience that adds value to your business.

Led by entrepreneurial instinct, we consider the business of every client as our own. We fully immerse ourselves in your industry by identifying trends, competition, success as well as failure.

We closely work with you to develop custom made Websites to produce the desired SEO results.

Web Services We Offer

As we begin our projects we will mold every plan very efficiently to accomplish your purpose. Backed with fresh designs and solid coding, our work is destined to impress. We will then complete it with a strict QA run to ensure that the website is built to smoothly function.

Following are some of the prominent web services we offer.

Web Designing

Our team of designers will analytically approach your project and work towards capturing the essence of what exactly your customers are trying to relay. So, our web designs attract users and quickly deliver your brand image.

Our web designing services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Static page layout
  • Dynamic website design
  • Fixed page layouts
  • Responsive page designs
  • Fluid and liquid design layouts
  • Single page designs
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Web Development

We will meet the expectations of those who are increased used only to the best. Our professionals are highly experienced and have the required skill sets of web design and development to ensure that your website functions smoothly.

Some of the prominent web development services include:

  • User interface development
  • Coding
  • Navigation
  • Database creation and maintenance
  • Back end support and maintenance
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Mobile Apps and Websites

We develop smartphone apps that are built to work even around poor network, lousy touch phones and small screens. Our professionals will design aesthetically appealing, consistent, easily maneuvered and functional mobile sites and apps.

Our services include:

  • Mobile friendly websites
  • Adaptive websites
  • Responsive designs for mobile
  • Experience mobile sites for specific mobile devices
  • Native mobile sites
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Business Applications

We provide goal oriented applications that are specifically developed for client intensive businesses. Our robust apps will not overstretch your users and can be completely functional for management, productivity and sales.

We provide:

  • Futuristic business applications
  • Goal oriented interfaces
  • Competitive business applications
  • Robust platforms that last
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Managed Hosting

We provide managed hosting plans for both dynamic as well as static websites. Here, our professionals will first understand what type of service is needed for your website, the kind of server your business requires, your web hosting budget, etc.

Hosting options available here include:

  • Shared hosting
  • Collocated hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Website builders
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How Do We Execute Our Web Services?

We take pride in maintaining an ‘open communication’ approach. So, once we take up a project, big or small, we provide timely updates and other project status. You can interact with us as much as you want. We put in dedication and finesse into all that we create for you.

Here is how we approach and handle your project end to end.

Initial Discussion

All our projects begin with a detailed discussion because only then we will be able to create what the clients expect. Here, our professionals will sit with you for a brainstorming session and gather all your ideas and requirements. Based on that we initiate our work flow.


This is the most critical step in our services where the initial wire-frames will be created. However, these wireframes will be strictly based on your needs and will adhere to your marketing and business goals. Once created, we will send them across to your for approval.


As soon as you approve all the visuals, we have genius developers who will then do the coding. This brings out the life in your visual layouts. This will again be sent to you. Once you approve of this too, we will move on to our final step - quality testing.

Quality Testing and Launch

Once the developers have done the coding and re-coding if any, after your final approval, we will then go to quality testing phase before launching. Our QA team will scrutinize your website for bugs and will get developers fix it quickly before the huge launch.

Choose Us to Successfully Execute Your Project

Having worked with clients of every size and different verticals, we have the necessary experience and the skill sets to precisely cater to your needs. Right from start-ups, non profits, individuals, marketing professionals, enterprises and digital agencies, we have worked with them all.

If you are ready to start your next project with us, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to assist you.

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